Recent procrastination ponder has left me thinking about just how good our kids have got it.

The bees d*** portion of the responsibility pie, endless hours of spontaneous fun, reasonable (often valid) excuses for throwing a tanty…  and I wondered, what is the take away as a parent? If the kids had a message for us, their time poor, mentally loaded parents, what would that be? And could this exercise actually benefit us in some way?

Here are my top 4 lessons that I have received from my daughter.

1. Slow down

And pay attention to the story – more importantly, the message in the story. Who knows, It may just be what you needed to hear today?

2. Speak up

Tell that colleague or inappropriate friend that they have offended you.

“I don’t like it when you use my coffee mug and give it a half-arsed wash Gordon.”.

Instead of whinging to others about the unsuspecting bloke. Poor Gordon.

3. Just keep swimming

Fall off the monkey bars / lose a potential client? Graze your knees / sleep through the alarm on a school day)? Dust yourself off. Pour a vino. Try again.

As I’m told on the daily: practice makes progress!

4. Say sorry and forgive 

We all make mistakes, we’re only human. Often petty little mistakes can blow out of proportion reeeeal fast (mountains out of molehills right?!). Swallow that pride, be humble and tell someone you’re sorry. If they have wronged you, big the bigger person. And be a good example for your kids to model – continue to learn from one another.

And lastly,

5. Have your own back

We all feel the guilt that tends to be firmly packed in our bounty bag as we walk out of the hospital (and just looooves to stick around) but stop giving yourself a hard time. These little humans look up at us as though freakin’ Oprah just entered the room.  Feel it, accept it, embrace it, acknowledge that although there’s so much going on in our lives you are doing a great job and are loved.

What are you learning from your children?